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Design! Sew! Wear! 

The Fashion Studio NYC provides programs for young people who have the passion about establishing a career in fashion.

Creative Lab

Theme Projects: Cultural Enrichment | Community Engagement

STEAM: Science | Technology | Engineering | Art | Mathematics

  • A full curriculum related to the business of fashion such as Apparel/Accessories design, Media and Marketing conducted during the academic calendar.

  • By the end of each session students have a completed project and inherited skills that will encourage them to have a vision of possibilities.

  • Each project challenges them to think deeper, have free use of imagination, and encourage them to believe in their abilities and talent.

  • We implement science technology, engineer, art and math (STEAM) because of the change in the fashion world. We want our young people to understand the various sectors of the industry.

  • Sessions offered after-school (Monday-Friday) and Saturdays.

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Personal Evolution

Leadership Workshops | Mentorship | Apprenticeship

  • Offers young people ages 15-21 the support in personal and leadership development by connecting them with professionals and businesses.

  • Helps them face challenges into adult hood and entering an independent lifestyle.

  • Empowers them to enjoy the present while critically thinking about their future.

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